Our Story

Bot Image™, Inc. is a medical imaging software company that utilizes artificial intelligence technology for magnetic resonance imaging interpretation.

ProstatID™ is a radiological computer assisted detection (CADe) and diagnostic (CADx) software-only device for use in a healthcare facility or hospital to assist trained radiologists in the detection, assessment and characterization of lesions suspicious for cancer using MR image data. The software automatically registers images, then segments and analyzes the central gland and entire prostate organ. It identifies suspicious abnormalities by employing a pixel-wise random forest learning-based method based upon various features referenced to ground truth data on which it was trained.

Modeled after popular Breast Cancer AI, ProstatID is the first and only software FDA-cleared for not only prostate cancer detection and diagnosis but screening using non-contrast MRI.


Our Technology

Bot Image™’s software interprets multi-parametric and bi-parametric MRI using random forest with instance weight and MR segmentation by deep learning with holistically-nested networks. ProstatID™ was trained from thousands of proprietary MR image sets, radiologist interpretations, segmented prostate gland image sets, pathology laboratory results, correlation data, and first-pass AI interpretations to aid in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Outputs of the software include a colorized overlay of a copy of one of the input image series highlighting the boundaries of suspicious lesions and grading them according to the software’s proprietary probability index value and PI-RADS score. These outputs provide whole gland assessment for treatment planning and interventional guidance.


Our Vision

Bot Image™, Inc. brings early detection of prostate cancer using MRI and AI to the forefront of medicine. Our highly advanced, non-invasive technology shows promise of delivering high 90th percentile sensitivity in detection, as well as, specificity (accuracy) with the near elimination of false positives and false negatives. Once refined, we will then utilize the same baseline AI algorithms to address the early diagnosis of other cancers and COPD.


About The Team

Dr. Randall W. Jones (PhD, MBA)


Dr. Randall W. Jones, D.E. (PhD, MBA) | Founder, CEO and Board Chair

Dr. Jones, a USAF Cold war veteran evolved into a prolific medical device inventor and serial entrepreneur, has translated his experiences & academic training into advanced, innovative medical device development.  Previously, as Founder and CEO of ScanMed LLC, Dr Jones launched a technology startup in his garage that ultimately attained the status of the world’s largest independent MRI antenna (coil) design, manufacturing and maintenance company.

Subsequently, Dr. Jones applied his growing skill sets to launch Bot Image™ and rapidly grew the company into an industry-leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software development. Within two years of its launch, Bot Image obtained a unique trifecta of FDA clearance for the detection, diagnosis and screening of prostate cancer. Dr. Jones is animated by a passion to drive the positive transformation of healthcare through the intelligent application of breakthrough technologies that greatly enhance early disease detection, treatment planning & patient care.

Paul Pfeiffer

Chief Commercial Officer

Paul Pfeiffer | Chief Commercial Officer

Paul Pfeiffer serves as Chief Commercial Officer at Bot Image™, where he is responsible for the company’s Commercialization strategy and Sales functions. As a 30-year veteran in the Diagnostic Imaging Industry, Paul has been a top performer for some of the industry’s leading companies. Upon completing a tour of duty in U.S. Army, Paul started his career in MRI coil technology with roles in manufacturing, design, and engineering leadership with both Medical Advances and GE. That core understanding of the technology made the transition into sales and marketing a natural one. Paul held various roles at Toshiba/Canon culminating as the National Sales Director for their CT product line. Most recently Paul was the Keystone Regional Vice President of Sales for Siemens Healthcare when he and his team delivered unprecedented growth in market share and sales volume over his tenure. Keeping the focus on customer satisfaction and delivering growth beyond expectations has been the keys to his success.

Mike Buck, CPA


Mike Buck | CPA, MBA, & CFO

Specializes in Start-up and MedTech Finances. With extensive experience as a Professor of Accounting & Finance and a solid foundation as a Senior Accountant at KPMG, Mike brings invaluable knowledge to the table. With 25+ years of experience in managing his own Accounting firms, he excels in business consulting, tax compliance, and has guided various startups from inception to acquisition. Moreover, Mike is deeply engaged in the entrepreneurial community, actively mentoring many entrepreneurs and fostering innovation and growth within the startup ecosystem and economy.

Melanie Jones

Board Member and EVP Sales & Marketing

Melanie Jones | Board Member and EVP Sales & Marketing

Melanie has spent her entire career within the sales arena. Beginning with a number of years as an Account Executive selling to National Accounts with Sprint then moving into the emerging call center space. Her experience including working with very large call center providers selling inbound and outbound services as well as selling for mid-size and small start up organizations. Key clients included Bank of America, Worldcom Wireless, Ameritech to name a few. Melanie transferred her skill set to ScanMed LLC selling within the MRI industry to hospitals, OEMs and imaging centers across the globe resulting in obtaining contracts with MRI world leaders such as Siemens Healthcare. She then brought those medical arena experiences and insights to Bot Image™ in her role as EVP Sales and Marketing while also serving on the Board of Directors.

Donna Gurley

Communications Director and Quality Manager

Donna Gurley | Communications Director and Quality Manager

Donna has worked in accounting and administration in a number of industries for 30+ years, most notably in medical hardware for 6 years. Joining Bot Image at its inception, Donna provides support for the functional areas of the company and manages the Quality and Regulatory Compliance aspects of the business.

Dr. Eric Walser, M.D.

Radiologic Interventionalist Advisor

Dr. Eric Walser, M.D. | Radiologic Interventionalist Advisor

Dr. Walser is the John Sealy Distinguished Chairman and Professor of Radiology at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas. An Interventional and Diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Walser brings his world-leading expertise in prostate cancer diagnosis & treatment to Bot Image™. Dr. Walser was a pioneering early adopter of focal radio frequency ablation of prostate cancer, a technology with demonstrated performance in the elimination of cancer while leaving the prostate intact with full functionality. In spite of these proven benefits, focal radio frequency ablation is not yet approved for insurance reimbursement. However, through ongoing research and innovation in practice, Dr. Walser continues to contribute to the science & education of prostate cancer detection and treatment. Activities such as Dr. Walser’s are impactful in positively changing the healthcare paradigm.

Dr. D. Russell Locke, M.D.

Urologic Advisor

Dr. D. Russell Locke, M.D. | Urologic Advisor

D. Russell Locke, M.D., FACS, is a luminary in the field of urology, serving as the Founder and Director of the Vantage Urologic Institute in Ocala, Florida. His expertise is notably distinguished in the arenas of urologic oncology, emerging minimally invasive therapies for prostate disease, and the enhancement of male sexual health.

Board-certified by the American Board of Urology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Locke is a vibrant contributor to regional and national medical communities. Dr. Locke’s commitment to clinical research and patient care is particularly evident in his approach to the nuanced areas of prostate cancer diagnosis and risk stratification. He is an advocate for structured active surveillance for patients with low-risk prostate cancer and champions noninvasive focal ablation therapies for localized tumors.

Since establishing his practice in 1988, Dr. Locke has consistently introduced innovative technologies and surgical methods that have shaped the regional landscape of urologic healthcare.

In his advisory role at Bot Image™, Inc., Dr. Locke’s extensive experience and forward- thinking mindset are invaluable assets in the company’s mission to revolutionize the early detection of prostate cancer using AI-enhanced MRI technology. His guidance is pivotal in harnessing the potential of ProstatID™ to set new standards in diagnostic accuracy, offering hope for early and precise intervention in prostate cancer and beyond.

Jerry Kolosky

Corporate Strategist and Board Member

Jerry Kolosky | Corporate Strategist and Board Member

As digital health visionary and innovator, Mr Kolosky has dedicated his career to the development of an intelligent, technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem designed to meet the challenges of global population health & chronic disease management with a focus on improved outcomes, cost efficiency, enhanced patient engagement and optimized clinical resource utilization across the continuum of care.

Throughout his career, Mr Kolosky has held executive and consulting positions with global technology companies, digital health startups, tech incubators & prominent foundations. Mr Kolosky is also active in the US healthcare policy arena, offering subject matter expertise & counsel to US Congressional & Senate Sub-Committees, CMS, and a variety of digital health advocacy coalitions.

Tim Manion

Financial Advisor and Board Member

Tim Manion | Financial Advisor and Board Member

Mr. Manion has over 39 years’ experience in both international and domestic financial management in the investment banking, real estate, accounts receivable management, and elder care industries. He served as Vice President of Acquisitions at Midwest First Financial, Inc. where he was responsible for managing the identification, due diligence, evaluation, acquisition and disposition of performing, sub-performing and non-performing real estate and real estate secured loans. He brings these experiences as well as those from starting, growing and managing his own successful companies to Bot Image™, Inc.

Mr. Manion received his M.B.A. from Creighton University in 1991 and his B.S. in Finance in 1985, also from Creighton University.

Markus Gee

Quality Systems and Regulatory Advisor

Markus Gee | Quality Systems and Regulatory Advisor

Markus has 30+ years of hands-on medical device development, Quality System Management and Regulatory Management experience. This includes building and sustaining certified QMS s, auditing, training facilitation and consultation. He’s been “boots-on-the-ground” in R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Quality. Markus has assisted multiple companies in obtaining and sustaining their ISO 13485, MDSAP, CE and MDR Certifications.