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At Bot Image™ AI, we’re on a mission to revolutionize medical imaging through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Our focus is on early detection and precise diagnosis, with our flagship product, ProstatID™, leading the way in the fight against prostate cancer. Explore ProstatID™ or future applications here:


ProstatID is North America’s first FDA-Cleared Prostate Cancer Screening, Detection and Diagnostic AI software.

Explore ProstatID or future applications below:

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Stay informed with our collection of articles, publications, and informative texts detailing the impact of ProstatID™ and the advancements in AI-assisted prostate cancer diagnosis.

Articles & Publications

Stay informed with our collection of articles, publications, and informative texts detailing the impact of ProstatID™ and the advancements in AI-assisted prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Discover the expertise behind Bot Image™, Inc., the team of professionals driving innovation in medical imaging, AI, and healthcare.

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Explore a simplified explanation of ProstatID™ and its intricate AI algorithms, providing insight into the technology revolutionizing prostate cancer detection.

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Learn firsthand about the impact ProstatID™ has had on patients’ lives through testimonials and understand the positive changes our technology is bringing to the world.

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How ProstatID Works


Technologist performs standard screening or diagnostic MRI sequences and pushes the study to their PACs with is Standard Operating Procedure. In parallel, they push the study to the Platform partner of cloud service provider.


ProstatID automatically detects study, sorts for necessary sequences, checks quality, performs the detection and diagnosis and returns an appended series to the unique patient ID with results and report to view in less than 5 minutes typically = real-time diagnosis.


This new series and report are appended to the study so that the radiologist sees it along with all others on his/her viewing station; hence, no additional effort, equipment or work to perform.

Treat or Don’t Treat

ProstatID assists physicians with treatment planning by providing an entire view of the organ highlighting all suspicious lesions with their individual risk scores. Additionally, if lesion(s) are graded as high risk, they are presented in two powerful 3D views within a transparent rendition of the prostate gland giving interventionalists ideal cognitive targeting.


Why is There a Need for ProstatID and Cancer Detection?

ProstatID is the Solution!


ProstatID outputs, physician’s can rely upon the color overlayed T2W image set that indicate segmented lesions with their individual cancer risk score and read through the noise of BPH, benign cysts, prostatitis, etc. This is because of the software was trained to differentiate cancer on over 1000 biopsied cases and with over 6000 biopsy points.


ProstatID returns the detection and diagnostic results back to the sender typically in less than 5 minutes; hence, the attending physician can begin reading the study while the patient remains on the MRI table; thus, real-time diagnostic assistance.

Rapid Interpretation

Addressed: through clinical studies we have proven that we significantly improve reader performance in early detection of prostate cancer. Our results show that the addition of a boosted parallel random forest model-based CAD generated MRI image series improves inter-reader agreement for PI-RADS classification and the average detection performance for identification of clinically significant prostate cancer among nine readers with varying experience levels in both academic and nonacademic care settings.



A clinical study involving 150 prostate MRI studies from assorted MRI systems and field strengths, all with biological (biopsy) ground truth points (pathology verification) was conducted to measure the sensitivity/specificity of the Software, ProstatID using a grid method for 3D location matching. The standalone Performance of ProstatID is shown in the following AUROC curve (sensitivity-specificity).

Bot Image™’s ProstatID as a SaaS medical device AI software

Bot Image™’s ProstatID is also available as a SaaS medical device AI software which requires very little time and effort to connect directly from the hospital or imaging center PACS system to Bot Image™’s Cloud server.   The connection is cyber secure and HIPAA compliant.  Furthermore, Bot Image™ does not process or store PHI – only the Prostate MRI image sets including Axial T2W, DWI and ADC.   Results are returned within a few minutes to the client’s PACS and the output of the software, a post-processed copy of the T2W axial with the colorized overlay indicating suspicious cancer lesions with their margins and risk score annotated on the included PDF report.   NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT, PHYSICIAN EFFORT OR BUTTONS TO PUSH!   Reader simply selects the newly appended series that pops up on the patient MRI viewer and reads the study concurrently with the AI output assistance.

Our Expertise

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