We Get You.

You’re busy, you’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with new studies, pharmaceuticals, protocols and processes, and medical devices.   We also observe that the NCCN guidelines are always many years behind the rapidly evolving technologies.   Our mission is to spare your time, improve your clinical performance and patient outcome, and provide you with adequate information and fact to justify changes in your practice.

Our focus is on the patient and their Prostate Cancer detection and diagnosis.

And with our unique FDA clearance, we also offer Screening for Prostate cancer using non-contrast MRI aided by our AI algorithm, ProstatID.

We offer time and cost-savings to you and the patient.

This requires only a 15-20 minute MRI and results are generated within minutes and populated on the radiological server and workstations.

ProstatID offers significant performance improvements in detection and reduction of false positives.

Read more about our clinical studies involving 25 US board-certified radiologists

Benefits For Imaging Centers, PCPs and Urologists

ProstatID offers you a significant boost in diagnostic confidence non-invasively

The AI software output provides an excellent 2D and 3D visual representation (as shown in the figures below) as to the location and size of suspicious lesions for patient discussions and treatment planning – including doing nothing except waiting and watching – active surveillance.

And further, with our powerful tool, you are providing the bridge from diagnosis to treatment, if treatment is necessary.

The images below indicate a 2D and corresponding 3D views of the prostate in mesh with the cancerous lesion size and location (in red) within the prostate from two viewpoints useful for cognitive biopsy and/or treatment planning.

ProstatID requires no contrast injection, saving MRI scanning time, reducing patient risk, reducing overall costs to both provider and patient, all while improving patient outcome.

User sends or pushes the requisite to provide the requisite three input MRI series in order to generate a copy of one series with a colorized overlay indicating the margins of each and every suspicious lesion within the organ, along with its cancer-risk score.   A full DICOM compatible PDF report is also included.


How ProstatID Works


Technologist performs standard screening or diagnostic MRI sequences and pushes the study to their PACs with is Standard Operating Procedure. In parallel, they push the study to the Platform partner of cloud service provider.


ProstatID automatically detects study, sorts for necessary sequences, checks quality, performs the detection and diagnosis and returns an appended series to the unique patient ID with results and report to view in less than 5 minutes typically = real-time diagnosis.


This new series and report are appended to the study so that the radiologist sees it along with all others on his/her viewing station; hence, no additional effort, equipment or work to perform.

Treat or
Don’t Treat

ProstatID assists physicians with treatment planning by providing an entire view of the organ highlighting all suspicious lesions with their individual risk scores.  Additionally, if lesion(s) are graded as high risk, they are presented in two powerful 3D views within a transparent rendition of the prostate gland giving interventionalists ideal cognitive targeting.

It takes a village to change things and following the academic papers and science demands time that few have.

See our “references section” to support the growing hypothesis that patients benefit from an MRI prior to biopsies – this, despite slow adaptation from the insurance industry, is the best medicine.

For MRI providers

This low-cost per click service is available now with as little as an hour time of your IT department.

For PCPs

Ask your MRI provider to add-on ProstatID AI to gain the beneficial impact of this software, or ask us for a MRI provider near you.

For Urologists

This software provides a whole-organ view of and 3D roadmap of the organ that has proven to be an excellent tool for cognitive biopsy or treatment guidance.

Let us demonstrate to you how effective and accurate our prostate cancer detection diagnosis and screening software is for improving your efficiency and patient care.

Contact us below and see how easy it is to get your facility connected via secure VPN to Bot Image™'s ProstatID.

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