Bot Image™’s first product, ProstatID™, is North America’s first and only FDA-Cleared AI software for the Screening, Detection and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. With 93.6% sensitivity-specificity (AUROC), physicians can reliably detect and diagnose prostate cancer from MRI with far less interpretation time, with much higher confidence, and significantly improve their positive detection rates while decreasing the incidence of false positives. More importantly, this algorithm can disrupt the healthcare industry by providing an extremely accurate, cost-effective means of early detection, via a 20-minute MRI, thus saving the healthcare industry billions (USD) in unwarranted biopsies and procedures from false-positives, and missed and late detections that result in more expensive treatments. MRI with ProstatID is destined to become the new Standard of Care similar to what colonoscopy became years ago.


FDA 510(k) Cleared July 2022


ProstatID™ is a software interface for post-processing MRI using cloud based computing, physician workstation integration, and AI image interpretation to provide highly accurate prostate cancer diagnostics.


ProstatID™ eliminates the visualization limitations of physicians using complex wholistic learning algorithms improving physician confidence and accuracy for precision diagnostics and cancer targeting for follow-up exams.


ProstatID™ facilitates low cost prostate cancer screening by using rapid affordable non-contrast MRI delivering significant patient throughput improvements, and can lower physician, imaging center, and patient costs.

Easy to Complete IT PACS to PACS Connection

Bot Image™ IT will work with your IT and have a connection within an hour or so. Then you simply “push” the study to Bot Image™ PACS similar to pushing to a remote radiology workstation. Results are returned and appended to the unique patient study without any further human interaction. Viewer can then view ProstatID output simultaneously with existing MRI data (series).


How ProstatID Works


Technologist performs standard screening or diagnostic MRI sequences and pushes the study to their PACs as is Standard Operating Procedure. In parallel, they push the study to the Platform partner of cloud service provider.


ProstatID automatically detects study, sorts for necessary sequences, checks quality, performs the detection and diagnosis and returns an appended series to the unique patient ID with results and report to view in less than 5 minutes typically = real-time diagnosis.


This new series and report are appended to the study so that the radiologist sees it along with all others on his/her viewing station; hence, no additional effort, equipment or work to perform.

Treat or Don’t Treat

ProstatID assists physicians with treatment planning by providing an entire view of the organ highlighting all suspicious lesions with their individual risk scores. Additionally, if lesion(s) are graded as high risk, they are presented in two powerful 3D views within a transparent rendition of the prostate gland giving interventionalists ideal cognitive targeting.

ProstatID™ is MRI system agnostic

GE 1.5T
245k views - 1 week ago

This study from an 8 year old GE 1.5T MRI system demonstrates the capability of the software on one of the most widely installed systems in the USA.

Phillips 1.5T
245k views - 1 week ago

This study from a very old Philips 1.5T MRI system demonstrates additional system agnostic capability of the software where image quality may not be as visibly diagnostic as newer platforms. ProstatID doesn’t require the same image quality as does an interpreting physician.

Phillips 3T
245k views - 1 week ago

Whether it is a Philips, GE or Siemens 3T MRI, Bot Image’s ProstatID can process Prostate MRIs and aid the physician through detection, diagnosis and screening.

Our Case Studies

Study Background - Patient Clinical History: We had an 80-year-old male patient, remarkably healthy and active, come to our clinic

Why Add a Prostate AI (CAD) system to
my practice or hospital?

1. ProstatID is not just another viewing assist tool like so many out there. ProstatID is the ONLY AI software FDA-cleared for assisting in the heavy lifting of Cancer detection, case diagnosis and fast, accurate, non-invasive bpMRI screening for PCa.

2. In two clinical studies involving 25 abdominal radiologists of varying experience from 1-20+ years, ProstatID demonstrated a significant improvement in reader performance. Further, in a standalone study involving MRI cases from GE, Siemens, and Philips, 1.5T and 3.0T systems, ProstatID demonstrated a 93.6% AUROC as compared to the highest physician score (of 25 participants) of 75.9%. So, this is like having an Expert reader at your radiologist’s side.

3. ProstatID requires no additional hardware or viewers and integrates into the workflow by automatically appending its output directly to the unique patient case typically within 5 minutes after being pushed.

4. ProstatID also substantially improves throughput by reducing magnet time with non-contrast studies and reader time by indicating the location, margin, and risk (PI-RADS score) of every suspicious lesion.

5. The lesion mapping above also provides an Ideal informational tool for physicians to communicate with patients, improve their planning, while providing targeting for interventions.

6. ProstatID not only reduces the costs by requiring far less contrast agents, but reduces costly unwarranted biopsies and procedures from otherwise false positives while improving the detection of true positives.

7. Finally, per-case cost is more than covered by additional billing associated with use of CAD and/or substitution of ProstatID over MRA or contrast.

8. And, it costs NOTHING to try – run some known cases through today and see for yourself.

No Two Prostate AI Software Nor Detection Engines Are Alike.

Of the few Prostate AI software products on the market, only ONE actually performs the work of the diagnostician from automatic suspect lesion detection, segmentation, sizing, and classification; to case diagnosis and even providing a three dimensional cognitive targeting system for patient treatment planning and guidance.  All this to assist the physicians in improved clinical outcomes.

Additionally, the Detection Engine of ProstatID software has been innovated such that it can readily accept new organ and cancer data for training to create similar software products to significantly improve detection and classification of other diseases/cancers in other soft-tissue organs.