Investor Relations

We are actively seeking strategic and institutional investors for our Platform
Technology AI MRI company, Bot Image™, Inc.




Bot Image™ currently has established three world leading distribution channels and is in negotiations with several others. Software capacity and expansion costs are not required as these distributors provide all of the capacity required for automatic and real-time duplication of the software “image” installed on their systems.

Additionally, ProstatID is currently installed on numerous sites as a SaaS on a cloud based platform and is available today for fast and easy connection to countless others at a very reasonable per click cost.

The acquisition cost for new clients is insignificant when using platform distributors such as above, and the fee is a percentage of sales to support their world-wide sales force. Bot Image™ staffing to support these sales is nominal as it requires nominal trained customer service sales support staff to assist in operational issues using the automated AI processing package.


12 Reasons To Invest In
Bot Image™

1. Bot Image™’s first proprietary technology ProstatID TM has been developed from technologies of the NIH. ProstatID was FDA cleared for marketing in July 2022.

2. An attractive business model with low overhead and high returns. Our projected profit model only requires capturing 6% of the entire United States market with expansion into the EU and others not included; although registrations are works-in-progress.

3. Industry leadership with an experienced management team and board of directors that have an excellent track record of bringing novel diagnostic imaging technologies to market cost-effectively with high financial returns.

4. Robust industry-specific sales channels developed over two decades gives us a strong competitive position.

5. Disciplined financial policies that focus on maintaining a strong and stable capital structure and cash flow growth.

6. A clear road map for expansion, focused on executing an attractive portfolio of AI projects to adapt to emerging markets.

7. Vertically-integrated business covering the entire downstream segment of the magnetic resonance industry.

8. Committed to optimizing our investments with full transparency to generate value and sustained growth.

9. Maintains a high pace of innovation and owns a self-financed portfolio of new products with reported and controlled costs.

10. Growth from multiple dimensions including the development of new technologies, leveraging current platforms to develop new products and applications, and geographical expansion capabilities.

11. Technologies and products that reduce the cost of medical care, improve diagnostic accuracy, and save lives.

12. Attractive market with immense projected growth profile, the AI market is forecasted to hit $15.7 billion and healthcare to hit $14.8 trillion by 2030.

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