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Saving Lives, Improving Prostate Cancer Detection with Artificial Intelligence

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating news for the one in seven men who develop the disease

in their lifetimes. Annually, 30,000 men die of prostate cancer.
At Bot Image™, Inc., we’re striving to reduce those statistics and save lives. Early, accurate detection of prostate cancer is vital to ensuring that men receive appropriate treatment, but this isn’t an easy task. The prostate is a notoriously challenging organ to read on magnetic resonance imaging interpretation (MRI) because of its location in the body, and the uniformity of the tissue.

Bot Image, a medical imaging software company that uses artificial intelligence technology for MRI interpretation, has developed a new tool to significantly improve the accuracy and speed of prostate cancer detection. The program, QT Prostate MRI, combines AI with traditional diagnostic methods to recognize the prostate gland, detect potentially cancerous lesions and assign a cancer probability to each one.

Trained by analyzing thousands of MRI image sets, radiologist interpretations and pathology laboratory results, QT Prostate MRI produces a colorized map of normal and abnormal tissue. The highly advanced, non-invasive technology shows promise of delivering high 90th percentile sensitivity in detection and accuracy, nearly eliminating false positives and false negatives.

The program fits naturally into a radiologist’s workflow. Once the technologist has acquired the images, data are sent via a HIPAA-secure virtual private network to Bot Image’s cloud-hosted server. The images are processed within minutes and returned with the image set and a report.

Physicians and students can then use the results of QT Prostate MRI to build their skill set, monitor their progress, and ensure the highest degree of accuracy on their reads. It’s an excellent tool to check the accuracy of a read during both training and as quality oversight during clinical practice.

QT Prostate MRI’s ability to detect lesions and assign a cancer probability to one goes beyond existing technologies, which have improved on-screen formatting of prostate biopsies and the way radiologists view segmentations of a patient’s prostate — but stopped short of aiding in detection.

Bot Image’s team of highly skilled engineers is led by Dr. Randall Jones, founder and CEO.

“Prostate cancer screening and detection has changed little over the past 30 years, despite the mountain of evidence pointing to the efficacy of superior technologies and the futility of the old methods,” Jones said. “Our work at Bot Image represents an exciting step in the fight to save lives.”

We’re actively seeking strategic and institutional investors to continue this work. Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities and Bot Image’s mission.